One small baby step at a time equates to one big result in your life,
you just have to take the first step,
take it with us!

Baby steps are the biggest you will ever make! Having your child entrusted in our care is an honour and a privilege.

There is no greater job than being surrounded by innocence, enquiring minds and lots of love.

Playing in the sand, guiding a child while he takes his first step. Sharing in their joy and laughter as they learn something new.

Lending a gentle hand and wiping a tear when they need to be comforted.

Although we dedicate our lives to educate and raise tomorrow’s leaders.

Each day we can learn so much from the children. They love unconditionally, forgive easily, are uncomplicated and excited about life.

They remind us to “stop and smell the roses”.

Our aim is to make sure that Baby Steps is a school where all children feel safe and loved.

We want to create an environment conducive for optimal exploration, learning and growth. A happy child is a learning child.

We offer a fun filled stimulating programme, designed to meet all educational needs.

Our school readiness programme is advanced and you are assured that your child will be more than ready for formal schooling.

Our small classes provide your child with the much needed individual attention to promote optimal growth and development.

When your child attends Baby Steps your only problem will be:“ they won’t want to leave”