Back to school, and some sort of Normality

The excitement of going back to school is unreal, for me as a parent as well as our little peach. It is incredible to see how being back at school…

The excitement of going back to school is unreal, for me as a parent as well as our little peach. It is incredible to see how being back at school has changed the dynamic in our household. Our routine is back in place, sleep is happening again (hallelujah), meal times are so much easier and there is just general happiness emanating from all of us at home. I honestly believe that this is mostly due to the drop in stress levels in our household.

For Tracey and the Baby Steps team, the reopening of school has been a bittersweet moment. The staff has spent the last 3 months missing their children and preparing for their arrival. The Baby Steps schools are sanitised daily and get hosed down completely from top to bottom by a professional sanitising team once a month. The biggest concern is ensuring that the children are happy in a safe environment.

The schools have been open for a month now, and the children that have returned are getting spoilt rotten with attention (not like this was any different pre lockdown). These children have done so well in keeping to their new normal of social distancing and hand washing. It is so unbelievable watching how brave, resilient, and adaptable to change these children are, which is something that we as adults can learn from.

They have faced their fears of all these new germs and many have gotten over their separation anxiety of being away from their parents. This new normal has taught them discipline on a whole new level and they have gained independence in their little ways. They know where to stand, how to wash their hands, and what not to touch. They are truly little hero’s that give us a glimmer of hope for the future.

Most of all, these children are over the moon happy to just be back at school so they can see their friends and play.

The joy of having a bit of laughter in the schools is amazing, but they are never the less so quiet as many of the children are still at home. Some children will hopefully return soon, while others have left completely, all of which are sorely missed by the entire Baby Steps team.

For Tracey, it has been especially hard to get excited to have an open school when the real joy comes in having a school FULL of NOISY CRAZY LAUGHTER, and being able to see all of her babies.

Baby Steps to Big Words: Back to School

To share the happiness we asked our children how they felt about being back at school. This is what they had to say:

Grade R’s:

“So good I could burst!”
“Nice inside.”
“Super happy.”


“I feel happy and sad.”
“Happy, I get to ride bike.”
“I missed me friends sooo much.”

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Much love,

Daniella Diederiks 

Planner, Seeker of happiness, Cat & Human mom (proud Baby Steps mom), Creative, OCD maybe, baby blogger

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