Conversations with a 1, 2, 3, and 4 year old

In this magical world of becoming a mommy, I was introduced to a Mommy Support Whatsapp group (AKA: SOS line, anything goes, been there done that, and just an outlet…

In this magical world of becoming a mommy, I was introduced to a Mommy Support Whatsapp group (AKA: SOS line, anything goes, been there done that, and just an outlet to vent and be understood) created by Sister Marion Wing. As time has passed, some of us mommies have added each other to Social Media and Emergency Contact lists.

During one of my many Facebook scrolling sessions I came across one of Jackie’s post’s called, Conversations with a 3 year old… I instantly loved this little idea and found myself waiting for the next conversation to be posted. I thought this was the perfect idea to share with you all in this amazing month of February, where we are celebrating the LOVE within our families.

Here is Jackie’s story of how it all began. (Read until the end, Alexia is such a little character!)

Conversations with a 1,2,3 & 4 year old….

When I was expecting Alexia 4years ago, I was like many mothers, very excited, a little afraid, and a lot OCD.

I had all these ideas on what type of mom I was going to be and what type of baby I was going to have…. Oh the ignorance, boy was I in for a surprise.

Some parts of motherhood came easy, loving that beautiful little girl & breastfeeding for example (I was a lucky one) while others were harder, like being solely relied on for everything 24/7, what a shock to the system that was.

But soon we adjusted and the joy of being a mom to such a little miracle is truly indescribable. But it was by no means always an easy path. Now 4 years later (three of them breastfeeding) and she is the best big sister to her little brother Gabriel.

Gabriel is the best little boy, and this time around everything was just easier. And with a spitfire big sister to help mom it’s been a relatively smooth first 5 months.

I started conversations with a 1,2,3 & 4 year old on Facebook as a way to record the amazing, smart and often hysterical things that came out of Alexia’s mouth. The innocence in what she often times said was just so amazing I wanted to remember it always.

The conversations just seemed to grow from there, now they are all over my friend’s Social Media walls and it’s amazing to see the things kids say.

I have so many favourite recorded conversations, it makes it hard to choose, but a few that I always giggle about are these…


Conversations with a 2yr old:

Alexia (2yr old): “Cola is my friend and Boetie is my friend and Lila is my friend and Oupa is my friend.”

Jackie (Mom): “And Ouma?”

Alexia (2yr old): “Ouma is YOUR friend.”

Loooooollooool… Boetie & Lila are the dog’s 😊


Conversations with a 2yr old (Almost 3):

Ouma and Alexia are walking in the bush on a weekend away.

Ouma: “Let’s play a game baby. What do you want to play?”

Alexia (2yr old): Thinking…. Thinking… Light bulb moment!

Alexia (2yr old): “Let’s play I’m Portuguese and you’re normal.”

That was Ouma dead!!! And Alexia was very proud of herself for coming up with that game! lol


Conversations with a 3yr old:

Jackie (Mom): “Alexia, what do you want to be when you are big?”

Alexia (3yr old): “A lion, ROOOOOAAAARRRR!”

We finally bought her a lion suit, she puts it on and her first reaction to her dad is:

Alexia (3yr old): “Babe, you must buy me lion shoes.”


Conversations with a 3yr old:

Eating supper…

Jackie (Mom): “Is the food nice baby?”

Alexia (3yr old): “Yes.”

Jackie (Mom): “Who makes the best food? Mommy or Daddy?”

Alexia (3yr old): Silence… “Mama and Ouma.”

Jackie (Mom): “But Ouma doesn’t cook?”

Alexia (3yr old): “Ouma puts the salt on the oranges.”


Conversations with a 4yr old:

Sitting in the bedroom nursing Gabriel to sleep, Alexia and Marco are sorting out the animals in the lounge.

Suddenly I hear Alexia scream as if the world was ending. Marco shouts and then immediately starts laughing, all the while Alexia is sobbing.

Alexia (4yr old): “Mommy, mommy, mommy!!!”

I heave yes, heave myself out of the bed with the baby attached to my boob, because lord forbid he loses the latch and then we have two situations on our hands. I get to the lounge and Alexia is still sobbing, Marco still laughing and Gabriel still hanging on for dear life.

Jackie (Mom): “What’s happening?” Wait for it…

Alexia (4yr old): “A fish bit me, it hurts!” Sobbing… sobbing…

Me praying for strength…

Jackie (Mom): “Why did the fish bite you baby?”

Alexia (4yr old): “Because they are rude and I don’t want fish anymore!”

Jackie (Mom): “They are not rude Alexia, you stuck your finger in their house and they thought it was food.”

Alexia (4yr old): “They were going to sallow me!”

Jackie (Mom): “No baby, they are tiny with tiny teeth.”

Alexia (4yr old): “Nooooo!” More sobbing “They don’t have teeth!”

Jackie (Mom): “Okay, then it can’t be hurting.”

Alexia (4yr old): “But they were rude and I don’t want them anymore and I want a plaster!”

So the fish are in the dog box, thank the lord for plasters, and Marco and I are finished. Oh, and the baby is none the wiser snoring away.

Jackie Calisto

Mom of two and the idea sparker of conversations with a 1,2,3 & 4 year old

Jackie’s conversations are a perfect example of being in the moment and a way of showing her appreciation of the chats she has with her little princess!! With each conversation the love between them grows and so does their bond!!


Conversations with a 1, 2, 3, and 4 year old 3 Conversations with a 1, 2, 3, and 4 year old 4

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