Empowering Women in August!

As a mom and a woman, I sometimes look at some of the things that I have accomplished and think to myself, “oh my ghee whiskers, how did I manage…

As a mom and a woman, I sometimes look at some of the things that I have accomplished and think to myself, “oh my ghee whiskers, how did I manage to do it all, I am a multitasking genius!”

The fact that we women can multitask is a superhero power in its own right. August is Women’s Month, so let us women use this month to look inside ourselves and make a list of all the big and small accomplishments we have made in our lifetimes. Let’s boost ourselves and others up and acknowledge how amazing we all are! Most of all, let us respect ourselves and give ourselves the self-love that we know we deserve.

Three things to live by as a Woman in this Woman’s month:

•    Make a habit of telling yourself how amazing you are.

It takes 30 days to start a habit, so for each day of the next 30 days let’s take five minutes to remind ourselves how incredibly talented we are. Make sure to write your resolution down and set a reminder to recite it every day.

“I am strong when we need to be, I am beautiful even when I don’t feel it, I am talented in even the small things that I do, I am sensitive and that is okay, I am indeed worth it, I can achieve anything that I set my mind to, and this is why I love myself!”

We are ALL superwomen and super moms. Let’s take this month (and the months thereafter) to remind ourselves that, and to SHOW our children how amazing we are. Let’s take back our energy and positive thoughts and push through (think natural birth, lol) and give ourselves some joy back in our lives.

•   MAKE THE TIME to do something that you love doing.

Take a day (or many) to do what makes you happy.

Read and finish a book, cook a family roast, pop open a bottle of champagne (if you have in your ever depleting stockpile), have a 60-minute telephone conversation with a good friend, go for a run and feel the freedom, make something (puzzle, crochet blanket or even a mask) do some gardening or play golf, sit in the bath on your phone and scroll through social media for two hours without thinking about what’s next or how you are wasting your life away, but whatever you do, do it for YOU!

If you find a way to love yourself for who you are, you will be happy, if you are happy your family will be happy.

•    Empower one other woman in your network.

Make it your mission to empower one (or many) other woman this month. Be it a stranger, a neighbour, a colleague, an employee, your friend, mom, sister, daughter. Give them something to feel good about themselves.

Let us support other moms and women, and help build each other up. Let’s try and make the positive out of a very not so positive situation.
Practice the saying, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it.” In August (and forever) focus on not Woman or Mom bashing, and only on Woman and Mom BUILDING! Dust off any negativity, and replace it with,

“No, not this month, this month is positivity, solutions, and happiness, this month is ME!”
Having a positive outlook and energy is contagious, so let us make someone’s sun shine.

This week’s kiddo conversation starter is: “A ladybug’s spots warn potential predators against danger.” 

Much Love

Daniella Diederiks

Planner, Seeker of happiness, Cat & Human mom (proud Baby Steps mom), Creative, OCD maybe

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