Why Early Childhood Development Centres are so important: A Mom’s perspective

For September we are going to focus on why Early Childhood Development is so important for our children. I feel that with everything going on in the world at the moment, we parents need to be…

For September we are going to focus on why Early Childhood Development is so important for our children. I feel that with everything going on in the world at the moment, we parents need to be reminded that sending our children back to school is for their benefit, not ours.

As a first time (very new) mom I decided to send my little guy to school at such a young age (4.5 months) for two main reasons:

  1. I did not have the opportunity to leave him with his grannies as they were working grannies.
  2.  I needed a place that I could hold responsible for the right and wrong actions in his growth and development.

When the time came to start finding the perfect place for my baby, I had not placed much thought into his growth and development past his baby stage. What I did know, I learnt by attending moms & babes, and baby gym classes with him, and I needed a place that would use those methods to develop him, and not just say that they were using them.

What I was looking for in a school:

  • A school that provides physical stimulation
  • A school that provides mental stimulation
  • A school that provides tactile stimulation
  • A school that provides social interaction
  • A school that is organised (because of my OCD)
  • A school that is CLEAN
  • A school that gives off the feeling of motherly love and happiness. Ultimately these teachers are going to be my greatest gift’s second mothers.

From early on, my little guy’s social and physical development began to shine through. He started crawling at 5 months and walking at 10. His love for being around people can be seen in the way that he is always so happy and content. This is due to the fact I introduced my baby to the correct methods of Early Childhood Development at such a young age.

When I initially thought of becoming a mom, I only ever thought of having a “cute itsy bits baby”, I never thought further than this, or thought that we as parents would have to go through the phases of raising a baby, toddler, big kid, teenager, and adult. I never wanted an adult; I just wanted a baby, lol.

Moving up into toddlerhood, I have come to realise that growth and development are more than just learning to walk and be happy around people.

It is about learning:

  • Discipline
  • Co-operation
  • Sharing
  • Learning & trying out different foods
  • Independence
  • How to take turns
  • Vocabulary 
  • Potty training
  • And so much more…

The school has also shown me that there is so much this tiny human has to learn before he can begin to piece a string of information together.

  • Grouping objects will teach him how to be organised later in life.
  • Recognising and identifying shapes leads to learning how to read.
  • Learning simple words leads to stringing sentences together.
  • Waiting for a turn teaches patience.
  • Sharing teaches empathy.

My little guy has independence of his own and can happily play by himself for minutes (lol) on end. He was a late bloomer on the vocabulary side of things, but once he started talking, it was all rock n roll from there. His understanding of the way things work is unbelievable, and the things he says surprises us every day, most of which have been learnt at school. I know that if I had kept him home longer than I did, he would not have learnt all of these things to his best ability.

Most importantly, I have realised that Early Childhood Development is paving the way for my human to become the best human he can be throughout all the stages of his independent life, and I know that I have made the best decision for him.

This week’s kiddo conversation starter is: “Did you know that what you learn at school today is teaching you so much more about life than you think?”

Much Love

Daniella Diederiks 

Planner, Seeker of happiness, Cat & Human mom, proud Baby Steps mom, Creative, OCD maybe

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